New Vendor Guidelines and Application Form

New Vendor Guidelines and Application Form

Fork on the Road is always looking to improve and also assist in growing the Mobile Food Vending Culture.

Recently we have developed some new guidelines and a application form for those vendors looking to get involved.

There are a bunch of details in the guidelines, but in short if you’re thinking about joining Fork on the Road, these are the principles you need to meet, that will be used to consider your application:

  • Fork is about the gathering of unique mobile food vending concepts. From food trucks to vans to pedal powered to pop-up stalls, there are no limits as long as the output is exciting, new, creative, delicious and yummy food.
  • Our food draws crowds. Our food is the entertainment. Our food pushes the boundaries of creativity and taste. Our food is local and handmade. Our food matters, it is not stock standard, it is awesome!
  • Fork is committed to growing the mobile food vending culture.
  • Fork is a team game. We work together to allow for continual improvement.
  • Fork is about food that is handmade and showcase great South Australian produce.
  • We do not have a captive audience that is at an event that has to eat, the food is the attractor, wow is needed to get them to come along.
  • Fork has a commitment to environmental sustainability, incuding packaging and waste.

Our advice is you are considering getting involved are to:

  • Attend a Fork on the Road, this is the best way to judge the type of event it is, the audience and if it will be a mutually benficisal gig.
  • Have a conversation with the Fork organisers and other vendors about Fork and your fit and suitability.
  • Google ‘Gourmet Food Trucks’ and checking out the creative and brilliant options that are already on the streets particularly in the USA, try to watch ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ and ‘Eat Street’

Please note that a successful application for one Fork on the Road event does not guarantee participation in Fork on the Road on ongoing basis.

Click here to download the Fork_Guidelines_010114

Click here to download the Fork_Application_Form_010114

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