A Fork TDU recap from Blogger Food is Love

A Fork TDU recap from Blogger Food is Love

Fork on the Road with Tour Down Under

Today’s Blog post is from Laura at the Food is Love Blog, many thanks (if anyone else out there would like the write something for us get in touch)


Could we be in any more iconic Adelaide location today?

Sitting on the bank of the River Torrens with the new Adelaide Oval in the foreground and the Elder Park gazebo behind, today the noises and colour of the Tour Down Under envelope the park and we get to immerse ourselves in the sights and smells of Fork on the Road.

This truly is a celebration of Adelaide, where families and singles mingle, where those who have come in their bike riding lycra can guiltlessly (hopefully?) eat hot chips side by side with children of all ages, who tentatively try new flavours for the first time; Cambodian, Spanish or maybe South American.

For me Fork on The Road has become a personal Mecca of fabulous flavours- Food Truck style.

I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to start an afternoon of food related adventure with dessert?

Fork on The Road, I find, can be just the occasion.

Today we decided the goodies lovingly displayed in the glass counter of The Little Cake Tin were just too tempting to walk on by.

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I found myself lured in by the promise of Sweet and Salty, and my son, the Neo Sunday. Both served in just the right size serve, small enough to be a cheeky treat but not so large that they over take thoughts of what else is to come.

My Sweet and Salty was just that. A sticky salty sweet caramel that within one mouthful had an “ohh my” break from my lips, followed by a layer of vanilla bean cheesecake and amoretti biscuit crumb base. I felt like Goldilocks having sampled stolen porridge… ‘Just right’.

Fork on the Road, I find, is one of those places you need to attend with ideally a few people. This lends itself to shared eating and with it an opportunity to cover as much food territory as possible.

As I sit savouring my dessert for entrée I find myself wondering how many within the crowd stick with their old faithful reliable options, based on what they already know. Maybe it’s a sensational burger from Burger Theory, or salt and pepper squid from Squid Inc.? Or are their more amongst us that walk the lap, taking in all the menu board options and admiring the food of other punters as they wander by, before narrowing it down to a choice, or three?

Lucky, or unlucky for me, depending which food camp you sit in, Delectaballs with their oh so divine meatballs and Archie’s pastizzi bus with those moreish Maltese parcels were absent today.

Today the appeal of cheesy goodness was too overpowering. From Cheesy Street we chose a grilly cheese steak sandwich to share. Certainly far from the prettiest looking sandwich you’ll ever eat. But what a sanga! This will now forever be the toasted sandwich that all future toasties will be compared too. The melt in your mouth steak, jalapenos (if you dare) and the perfect amount of stringy tasty cheese, served with a side of slaw for good measure.

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I also don’t know if it’s just my family but we’ve always had a fun appreciation for food that drips. You know the type; drips down your fingers, maybe even down your arms, down your chin, and the folks at La Cantina have this formula spot on!  Their burritos come filled with options from chicken, beef, pork or mushrooms with accompaniments including beans, corn, guacamole, Pico de Gallo and rice.

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It doesn’t take too many bites to realise it’s a fine leaning forward negotiation between soft tortilla wrap with your choice of filling… for us today the chicken.

This was definitely one for us to add to the ‘worth coming back for’ list.

All of this deliciousness washed down by the most summery tasting juice from the gang at Juice Quest. The Fruit Tingle described appropriately on their blackboard as “a party in your mouth”.











From here there could really only be one option, other than laying back in the grass rubbing our ever expanding stomachs, a hand- made ice popsicle from Loca Pops. For the uninitiated they are all organic, made locally in the Adelaide Hills, like ice blocks should taste, goodness on a stick.

But wouldn’t you know it today would not be our day…












Never mind looks like I’ve found just the excuse I need to lock in the next Fork on The Road in my calendar, and now the count down begins.

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