March/April Fork Update

March/April Fork Update

A bit of an update for you, Mad March is coming to an end and after a double Fork February that was massive, Fork is recharging, refreshing and researching in April. We are very excited about our upcoming reconnaissance and inspiration mission to the USA. You can keep abreast of your research via the blog on the website and via the fork Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

The even better news is we have a date booked in for May and will be back to provide you with even more inviting, innovative, tasty and exciting series of future Forks.

We are working on a date and venue for June and also a series of dates for the 2015-2016 year.

We are talking to couple of South Australian companies about potential partnerships and on the look out for suitable partnerships, sponsors and grant opportunities.

We absolutely love putting on this event for Adelaide, and the past 2 and half years with over 20 Forks have been so amazing, but the family and I need this little break in April to get future plans in place along with recharging the mind and body.

If you have any suggestions for partnerships, sponsors, grants, venue, locations and generally ways to make Fork better please let us know, we love your constructive feedback and input into Fork on the Road.

Fork on!!!!