Fork in the Port

Fork in the Port

Fork is back, to end the 2014-2015, thanks to support from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, we are hosting a Fork on the Road at Harts Mill in Port Adelaide (Mundy St and St Vincent St) on Saturday 20 June 2015.

Around 20 trucks will be on site, with the Fork bar set-up in the flower shed, along with live music and a range of cool entertainment options for the children.

Vendors for next Saturdays, Fork in the Port!!!! (below is list of the vego, vegan, gluten free options and a few specials)

Chimichurri Grill
Low & Slow American BBQ
Honey Puff Ladies
ChurrOZ Adelaide
Los Pinchos Locos
The Satay Hut
Cheesy Street
Papas Hotdogs
Cargo Food Van
Delicious Monster
Phat Buddha Rolls
La Chiva
Moorish Bites
Gourmet Grillerz
Squid Inc.
The Little Cake Tin
Coffee and Crepes
Red Lime Shack



















Ok, here’s some of the information on vegan and gluten free options, and also a few menu special from some of the vendors!!!! (apologies for not all the vendors links not working, an issue with FB)

Cargo Food Van
– share/entrée – American buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce
– main – Mexican farmers feast – with char grilled chicken and tonnes of sides and sauces. (GF)
– dessert – Thai pandan pancakes stuffed with coconut. (Vego)
– drink – fresh elderflower spritzer

Delicious Monster
– Soups are vegan and gluten free
– Harira, Moroccan tomato based soup with lentils chickpeas, turmeric and cinnamon
– Pumpkin & Coconut Thai style pumpkin soup with ginger and a hint of chili
– The Crunchy Thai Salad is gluten free (with and without the pork)
Crunchy Thai Salad Beansprouts, carrots, cucumber and coriander with a caramel coconut dressing with Plum Pork
– Grilled pork scotch fillet marinated in plum and ginger sauce
– The winter couscous is vegan (not with the chicken though :))
– Thai Pork Plum pork Roll with crunchy salad and coconut caramel sauce
– Chicken and Lime Mayo Roll Cardamom chicken with rocket and lime mayo

Phat Buddha Rolls
– vegan and vego rolsl and noodle salad, noodle salad is also gluten free
– vego Cambodian green curry served with rice which is gluten free also (see picture)

Gourmet Grillerz
– All our menu items are gluten free,apart from the rolls.

The Little Cake Tin
– vegan raw slice and a gluten free carrot cake.

La Chiva
– VEGGIE BURGUER (Vegetarian):
Black bean pattie served on a grilled quinoa seed roll with grilled capsicum and baby spinach salad in our citrus guasacaca mayo.
– YUCA CHIPS (Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten Free):
Fluffy and crunchy thick chips made from nothing but cassava root vegetable. Dip it in our smoked salsa roja and La Chiva-Guasacaca sauce for a whole south american experience.
– AMAZON RICE (Gluten Free):
Amazon style coconut rice, tossed with oven roasted chicken, fresh capsicum, coriander and green peas, blended with our exotic chocolate-chilli sauce, finished off on the grill with fresh capsicum and corn. Served with coriander and a slice of lemon.
– PORT’S SPECIALS – KIDS MEAL: PICADA IN A SKEWER Perfect for kids or as a light meal! (See photo). Free range pork meatballs in a skewer with mini Andean potatoes and cherry tomato. Served with Yuca chips.

ChurrOZ Adelaide
– our churros don’t contain any eggs or dairy products (so they are Vegan) – but not the chocolate sauce as it contains dairy

Low and Slow American BBQ
– All our meals are gluten free if you ask for no bread roll
– Special – Smoked Pork Ribs. Very limited.

Moorish Bites
– Vegetable couscous (vegetarian; vegan)
– Plain meloui (vegetarian, can be vegan if no cheese option selected)
– tagine and vegetable cous cous option with gluten free cous cous.

Honey Puff Ladies
– Honey Puffs are vegetarian and dairy free.

– 2 gluten free meals the german and chilli floaters which are german meal plates
– trialling for the first time at fork this weekend a Hahndorf Gourmet bratwurst.

– vegetarian and vegan tacos.
– chicken and veg tacos are gluten free
– SPECIAL – chipotle meatballs with Mexican Rice as a special.

Satay Hut
– vego and vegan Falafel Satays and Falafel Satay “In-A-Wrap” with Organic Salad on Fresh Lebanese Bread
– All of our Chicken, Beef and Falafel are Gluten Free (our Satay Sauce contains Soy Sauce which can affect some Gluten Intolerant Customers). Our Organic Salad is of course Gluten Free also.
– Chicken and Hot Chip Wrap special

Papas Gourmet Hotdogs
– The vegetarian option is vege doggie.

Squid Inc
– Gluten Free – Hot chips, Salt and Pepper Calamari & Chips, Lemon Pepper Calamari & Chips, Lemon Chilli Garlic Calamari & Chips

Fork on the Road's photo.
Fork on the Road's photo.




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