The Depot – 8 February 2013

This event is on February 8, 2013 12:00 pm

After two Fork on the Road’s in late 2012, 2013 started with a very different Fork on the Road. On Friday 8 February 2013, our first double Fork  was held and this time in a very different location; the new Fringe Festival venue The Depot (located in the old bus station on Franklin St).  The urban feel of the Depot was a perfect match for Fork on the Road, lunch was very well attended by several thousand of the city workers for what was the unofficial opening of the Depot.  Come the evening the turnout was amazing with over 5,000 soaking in the shipping container inspired urban recycled surrounds in the middle of the city. It was buzzing, people everywhere chomping down on the food truck food, listening to some great music and drinking from the Depot bars.

The Advertiser’ food writer wrote a blog during the day and then also published a great article about the first Fork on the Road at the Depot.



The Depot (old bus depot)

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